<TITLE>Ejemplos Javascript: Darkjemplo </TITLE>

<script langauge="javascript">

//Created by Dark

//copyright mishuevos(?

//you can use this script as long as you dont change the header 

//and as long as you dont use this to incur profits

//in other words NO MONEYMAKING off of this script.  You need my written

//authorization to do this

function check() {

var l = document.theform.words.length

alert("You typed in "+document.theform.words.value.length+" letter(s)")

if (document.theform.words.value.length != 1) {

alert("invalid number of letters, try 1 letter")


if (document.theform.words.value.length == 1) {

alert("You learn fast!")





<BODY bgcolor="white">

<form name="theform">

<INPUT TYPE="text" name = "words" value = "DarkTaker" size = 40>